Paintings by Virginia Simons

Coming East into Window Rock at Dawn – oil

I took this highway so many times, but one very early morning just as the sun was rising into full day it reflected off the mountain ridges and I counted seven. I pulled over, got out of my car to stare. I had never noticed them before.

Charli’s Passion Flowers

Charli and Jill have the best garden! I had never seen passionflowers before. The complicated blooms are amazing especially as they move with the wind. And Charli takes wonderful photos of flowers.

Chinle Spirits Formation

Up on the mesa, not far from where we lived, there was this huge formation sometimes called “haystacks”. To myself I called them watchful spirits. Out of the flat sand rise these interlocking towers. As I painted this I imagined all the possible spirits there so I added the faces.

Celtic Cross, Ireland

The cemeteries of Ireland have these ancient Celtic Crosses. Before the average person could read, the carvers would put scenes from the Bible on the crosses to tell the stories. This one shows the Christ figure, Adam and Eve at the fruit tree, and Cain slaying Abel.

Buttercups in Blue Vase

Buttercups remind me of springs and summers. The blue ceramics accent them.

Blue Hydrangeas

Can you tell I like hydrangeas? They are both hardy and delicate. Here is a still life with Blue ones. One must “hurry” for hydrangeas slightly change shades over time.

Blue Iris

From the hours in my grandmother Browning’s garden to the images of Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers taking my breath away, the blending of colors and lacy edges of Irises amaze me. When I study them I see fluid movement in both shape and value. As a child I enjoyed just putting my face right up into…

Abstract Orange

One of the things about watercolor is its versatility and whimsy. Here curiosity took over as I concentrated on complementary and analogous colors to spatter and see what could become of that. The result is what the paint showed me.

Abstract Blue Green

Using complimentary colors for splatter to see how the paint speaks.