Paintings by Virginia Simons

Whimsical Glass Vase With Flowers

I love the drips and flows watercolor forms. Always the interaction of control yet out of control, that is the balancing act of the artist.

Iris Field

Irises bloom in early summer with colors and variety that brighten any day.

Navajo Powwow Fancy Dancer

Time at any indigenous Pow Wow of ancient dances and artistic symbolic dress inspires. Families pass down the art, and the meticulous care taken to costumes and the dance steps honoring ancestors.

Where Am I?

One in the series of Our Child. This series represents the children taken at our border and imprisoned from 2018 to the present. This image is from a news photo taken of a very young boy looking out the fenced window of a cage.

Where Are You?

This is one of the series Our Child about imprisoning innocent immigrant children. This is of a very young girl, around 3 years old, with wild curly black hair with such questioning eyes. Don’t turn away.

Here I Am

Portrait from the Our Child series of Immigrant children separated from their parents at the border and imprisoned throughout the U.S. from 2018 to the present. This series can be uncomfortable as it invokes a human natural response to protect our children.

Orange Beach

This day the wind was up and the waves came steadily swirling the water as it was pulled back off the sand. There was a distant little rain cloud on the horizon.

Gulf Shore of Alabama

Each day the ocean gulf presents differently. This day the long waves that curl across and fall making a clap type sound were fun to watch.

Bits and Pieces on the Beach

The wet sand changes color in the shadows of the clouds. Even the small wet wood chip glimmers. All the shell pieces in their history and formation and destruction tell a story of life.

Left Ashore

I collected these and placed them in a cluster in the sand, as if hugging one another after being left there from the familiar sea.

Shells at Fort Morgan Beach

The Shells are larger on Fort Morgan beach. The curves and designs of nature are intriguing and show differently in white than in grey or black. The sand is so soft it collects in a way that leaves flowing and weaving edges as the edge of each wave leaves.

Twirling Dancers

The skirts of Latina dancers of Mexico, U.S. southwest, and Spain are so beautiful and dynamic. This unusual arial perspective is one of my favorites. It was my first piece as I emerged from a long absence from doing art.