Paintings by Virginia Simons

The Waltz

I visited the National Aquarium in Baltimore and could not stop watching the beauty of the jellyfish, especially the iridescent ones only seen at night.

Red Dukus

Ghanian women’s head wrap

How deep our roots

The history of braided hair in African cultures is thousands of years old. Care and attention women give to each generation is powerful.

Sticks and Stones

Little girl in headlights at night, waiting for officer, since her mother is taken.

Frosty Winter Scene

It can get so cold the air crackles and takes your breath. Yet the frost settles in wondrous glow in the tops of the trees.

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

This was a windy cold day in early May with the crashing waves and few people braving the weather this almost raining day. This is such a dramatic coast on the edge of the Atlantic. It is where ancient history and threatening weather prevails and pulls one to the the very earth and sea.

Spreading Swirl

As I work with “Brusho” watercolor powder the colors explode and with the water spray, they run wild on the page. It accents the beautiful detail of leaves in motion.

Paris Night Cruise

Influenced by a visit to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam I’m sure. But I am not so conscious of how, it just happens when both a painting captures and then a live scene consolidates in the heart and mind. On the night cruise, I kept thinking “he took what he saw and pushed it…

Touring in the Rain

Watercolor . Standing on a bridge in Ghent, Belgium in the rain, hardy tourists came by on a boat tour. This image always makes me smile.